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The other passion in my life is well-being.

I use divining/dowsing rods to help people gain insight into their state of health, whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual or environmental. Often people come to people like me as a last resort, when conventional medicine has been unable to help. This tool can be useful in communicating with your body when you are experiencing dis-ease.

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Water is life

The human body is made up of approximately 60% water, the brain and heart 73% and our blood 90%, so it makes perfect sense that we need to consume water. But not just any water. Chlorine is one of the main chemicals added to our tap water, chlorine kills bacteria which is a major part of our gut biome, essential to our health. I recommend installing a water filter if you are unable to access spring water. Although there is no universally agreed upon amount, I believe drinking 40mls per kilogram of body weight is optimal, eg; a 50 kg person would drink 2000mls of water daily, This includes fresh fruit juices, natural teas and broth.

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Food is medicine

In today's modern world, we have moved toward eating for pleasure rather than sustenance. Instead of having a vegetable garden at home, we have opted for an aesthetically pleasing yard which has led to buying commercially grown and farmed foods. Because of soil depletion, our foods lack the vitality of home grown or organic foods. I firmly believe, improving the quality of the food we consume is the first step in reclaiming our health. Many of the clients I see present the same issues, which makes sense as, by and large, we are living the same lifestyle. Health begins in the gut. I will delve deeper into this over the coming months.


Sunshine is key

Sunshine is also a vital factor in maintaining health. The health benefits of sunlight include generating the production of vitamin D, supporting bone health, lowering blood pressure, preventing disease and also improves mental health. Vitamin D is actually a hormone rather than a vitamin, we require it to absorb calcium from our gut into our bloodstream. Vitamin D is mostly produced in the skin in response to sunlight but is also absorbed from the food we eat (if you eat a healthy, balanced diet!) While I don't advocate sun baking, aim to get a minimum of 15 minutes a day of sun without sunscreen.

Stress causes dis-ease

Stress, if left unaddressed, can manifest physically. Common symptoms are: digestive upsets, head aches, anxiety and excess weight. Less known symptoms can be: thyroid issues, hormone irregularities, cysts and the inability to heal. Nowadays, there are many online tools to learn ways of better managing your stress, but I have found with many clients, just talking to someone can make a substantive difference. There is no shame in reaching out. You may not feel like you have any reason to feel stressed, but life in this modern world is filled with many external pressures and it is easy to feel overwhelmed. 

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